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Team KGA Clips Team KPGA in Tightly Contested Challenge Cup

LEXINGTON, KY (October 7, 2020) – The Kentucky amateurs’ stranglehold of the Challenge Cup continued on Wednesday at Lexington Country Club with Team KGA defeating Team KPGA 13-11 in a tightly contested battle in this annual Ryder Cup-style event. For the second straight year, the amateurs won the competition outright under the captaincy of Dave Nicholas, President of the Kentucky Golf Association. He and his twelve players now make it four consecutive years the Challenge Cup has stayed in the KGA’s possession.

Play began in the morning with six four-ball matches and six alternate shot matches. Each match was nine holes with Lexington Country Club’s front nine holding the four-ball session while the back nine had the alternate shot matches. Each session went Team KGA’s way with 3 ½ - 2 ½ margins in both formats. Complete results were as follows:


  • Ray & Campbell (Team KGA) def. Lardner & Huffman (Team KPGA) 3&1
  • Massie & Mahan (Team KPGA) def. Haddix & Wilder (Team KGA) 4&2
  • Waldie & King (Team KGA) def. Iceman & Moore (Team KPGA) 1 UP
  • Walters & Utley (Team KPGA) def. Strother & Buse (Team KGA) 2 UP
  • Yarmuth & Brumfield (Team KGA) TIED Costello & Griffin (Team KPGA)
  • Bowlin & Rhodes (Team KGA) def. Bachman & Oldendick (Team KPGA) 1 UP


  • Huffman & Lardner (Team KPGA) def. Ray & Campbell (Team KGA) 2&1
  • Haddix & Wilder (Team KGA) def. Massie & Mahan (Team KPGA) 2 UP
  • Waldie & King (Team KGA) TIED Iceman & Moore (Team KPGA)
  • Walters & Utley (Team KPGA) def. Strother & Buse (Team KGA) 1 UP
  • Yarmuth & Brumfield (Team KGA) def. Costello & Griffin (Team KPGA) 2&1
  • Bowlin & Rhodes (Team KGA) def. Bachman & Oldendick (Team KPGA) 2&1

Entering the afternoon’s singles matches up 7-5, Team KGA needed 5 points to retain the Challenge Cup which they got when Aaron Yarmuth secured the winning point with his victory over Josh Griffin with a 1 UP victory. The singles session was an equal split at 6-6 with each side getting five wins to go along with two halved matches. All were contested on the outward nine at Lexington Country Club.


  • Scott Ray (Team KGA) def. Andrew Lardner (Team KPGA) 3&2
  • Tom Campbell (Team KGA) TIED David Huffman (Team KPGA)
  • Denver Haddix (Team KGA) TIED Mitchell Moore (Team KPGA)
  • Jesse Massie (Team KPGA) def. Andrew Buse (Team KGA) 3&2
  • Daniel Iceman (Team KPGA) def. Andrew Strother (Team KGA) 2&1
  • Kevin Waldie (Team KGA) def. Daniel Utley (Team KPGA) 4&3
  • Tom Walters (Team KPGA) def. Eric King (Team KGA) 2&1
  • Brad Wilder (Team KGA) def. Robert Costello (Team KPGA) 2&1
  • Mike Brumfield (Team KGA) def. Myles Mahan (Team KPGA) 3&2
  • Bruce Oldendick (Team KPGA) def. Matt Bowlin (Team KGA) 1 UP
  • Aaron Yarmuth (Team KGA) def. Josh Griffin (Team KPGA) 1 UP
  • John Bachman (Team KPGA) def. Josh Rhodes (Team KGA) 1 UP

The KGA and KPGA congratulate each player who qualified for this year’s Challenge Cup teams and thank each of them for representing their respective team/organization so well. Appreciation towards Lexington Country Club for hosting the competition is of the highest degree as well. The 2021 Challenge Cup will be held at Valhalla Golf Club at a date to be determined next fall.

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