KGA to Utilize BlueGolf for Tournament Software in 2022

The Kentucky Golf Association will use BlueGolf for its tournament software beginning in 2022. The KGA has utilized Golf Genius for this need in recent years and will continue to for the remainder of 2021 before the change is made in January.

The United States Golf Association has decided to sunset funding for the complimentary Tournament Management software used by most of the Allied Golf Associations (AGAs) and their member clubs. As a result, every AGA has some decisions to make for 2022 and beyond.

After discussions with leading Tournament Management software companies, the KGA Executive Committee, and the KGA Board of Directors, the KGA has elected to:

  • Switch from Golf Genius to BlueGolf for its Association tournaments starting in 2022.
  • The KGA will continue to provide BlueGolf as the complimentary tournament management system to its member clubs for 2022.

The KGA knows this is a significant change for many clubs who use the complimentary basic version of Golf Genius. The main reasons for the switch are as follows.

  • Financial Impact for the KGA. By partnering with BlueGolf, the KGA will reduce its future Tournament Management costs significantly when compared to the competition.Easy to Use Technology. BlueGolf is a platform, which is easy to learn and use.Great Partner. BlueGolf has a proven track record of providing excellent service to its customers. The Kentucky PGA Junior Tour is the most recent organization in the GHK Family of Golf Organizations to use BlueGolf and was pleased with BlueGolf's customer service and products that BlueGolf has delivered, as have the majority of some amateur golf associations and PGA Sections across the country.
  • Features for Clubs and Golfers. BlueGolf provides new, upgraded features that clubs and golfers will really enjoy. These include new course features such as online registration with payments through basic BlueGolf, free course tours, a free GPS Yardage Book App, and free game-improvement tools. Click here to learn more.
  • Live Scoring for Clubs. BlueGolf can provide live scoring to KGA member clubs for a significant discount over the current option.

The KGA and/or BlueGolf will be sending additional information to all KGA member clubs in the coming weeks. In the meantime, click here for more information about the BlueGolf system, which will be available at no cost to KGA member clubs for 2022.

BlueGolf will be conducting regular webinars for club representatives to learn how to create and execute tournaments, leagues, etc. PGA Members will receive MSR credit for participation. Be on the lookout for additional product information and dates.

The following change will NOT affect the Kentucky PGA Section or Kentucky PGA Junior Tour. Tournaments from each of these organizations will continue to be housed through Golf Genius in 2022.

We thank you for your patience as we work together through these changes. For any questions, please contact Jeff Adkerson, PGA CEO/Executive Director and/or Jim Thompson, President of the Kentucky Golf Association. Click here to email Jeff.   Click here to email Jim.

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