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Bushnell Player of Year Standings

The Bushnell Player of the Year Standings (BPOYS) identifies the amateur who had the best season in Kentucky Golf Association managed and select non-managed competitions. The standings are calculated using the Kentucky Amateur Points System, (Women’s System for Women) competitions only for the tournament current season.

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John Owens Player of the Year

2018 Final Results | Past Award Recipients

Women’s Kentucky Player of the Year

2018 Final Results

Herbie McGuire Mid-Senior Player of Year (age 40-49)

2018 Final Results

Tom Musselman Player the of Year (age 50-59)

2018 Final Results | Past Award Recipients

Dale Barnstable Player the of Year (age 60-69)

2018 Final Results

Don Smith Player the of Year (age 70+)

2018 Final Results

Bushnell KGA Amateur Series Standings

The Bushnell KGA Amateur Series Standings determine eligibility for the KGA Amateur Series Championship. The standings are based solely on a player’s performance at KGA Amateur Series events. Points are awarded for gross and net finishes. 1st Place receives 15 points and each place through 14th receive one less point.  All players 15th and higher receive 1 point.  Winners of a division receive a round bonus of 5 points.  Ties are not split.  Points are doubled for the Series Championship.  The highest point winner will be recognized as the Series Champion.

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Key Notes

a) To receive points, a player must be a resident of Kentucky and have an active Handicap Index at a KGA Member Club.

b) To be eligible for POY honors and/or invitations to the invitational, players must play in at least one KGA Championship.

c) Points are awarded using standardized percentages for all competitions.

e) Point values in team competitions are split equally (exception is USGA Four-Ball).

g) Players playing in a competition with a Players Flight shall earn Mid-Senior POY points if eligible (age = 40+)

h) Points in USGA Qualifiers held in Kentucky are awarded to players based on finished against Kentucky amateurs only.

i) Points for USGA Qualifiers held outside of Kentucky are awarded only to qualifiers (see USGA Qualifying Bonus on chart).

j) Points for USGA Championships remain in player’s record until the next years actual championship concludes.

k) Points in Kentucky Opens are awarded to players based on finish against Kentucky amateurs only.

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