Kentucky Senior Team Championship History

Kentucky Senior Team Championship History

1987: Bobby Flynn/Wally Rose
Spring Lake Country Club

1988:  Dale  Barnstable/Jim  Fulton
Spring Lake Country Club

1989: Dale Barnstable/Jim  Fulton
Spring Lake Country Club

1990: Herb  McGuire/Bill  Castle
Spring Lake Country Club

1991: John  Owens/Ches  Riddle
Spring Lake Country Club

1992: Ches  Riddle/Ed  Ruby
Spring Lake Country Club

1993:  John  Owens/ Ches Riddle
Spring Lake Country Club

1994: Fred Gupton/George  Gupton
Spring Lake Country Club

1995: Bob Short/ Don  Wood
Players Club/Spring HIll Country Club

1996: Bob Short/Don  Wood
Griffin Gate Golf Club

1997:  Al  Brock/ John  Brock
Players Club of Lexington

1998: Bob Short/ Don Wood
Bowling Green Country Club

1999: Bill  Harding/ Fred  McMillen
Lafayette/The Summit

2000: Al Brock/John Brock
Indian Hills Country Club/Bowling Green Country Club

2001: Bill Harding/Fred McMillen
Boone  Links/Fox Run Golf Course

2002: Joe Cantrell/ Roger  Peoples
Gibson Bay Golf Course/ Andover Golf Course

2003: Rick Cain/Doug Elliott
Indian  Hills Country Club/Bowling  Green  CC

2004: Joe Pavoni/Jerry Plummer
University Club of Kentucky

2005: Keen Shackelford/Mike Lenox
Golf Courses at Kenton County

2006: Keen Shackelford/Mike Lenox
University Club of Kentucky

2007: Allan  Fugate/ Larry Woods
University Club of Kentucky

2008: Keen Shackelford/Mike Lenox
Indian  Hills Country Club/Bowling Green Country Club

2009: Happy  Rakestraw/Doug Aaron
Golf Courses at Kenton County

2010:  Keen Shackelford/Mike  Lenox
The University Club at Arlington/Boone's Trace National Golf Club

2011: Happy  Rakestraw/Bill Sergent
Eagles Nest Country Club/General Burnside Island

2012: Steve Rogers/ Jimmy Riddle
University Club of Kentucky

2013:  Steve  Humphrey/Chris Hill
University Club of Kentucky

2014: Howard Logan/Dennis  Long
University Club of Kentucky

2015: Stefan Roberts/Ken  Kirchner
University Club of Kentucky

2016: Jimmy  Riddle/Steve Rogers
University Club of Kentucky

2017: Steve  Humphrey/Chris  Chee
Woodhaven Country Club

2018: Jimmy Brown/Mark Knecht
Indian Hills Country Club

2019: Dave Macke/Jim Volpenhein
Winchester Country Club

2020: Scott Ray/Buddy Bryant
Bardstown Country Club  

2021: Greg Engle/David Rudder
The University Club at Arlington

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