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KGA Tournament Registration Guidelines

All registrants must follow the guidelines set forth by the Kentucky Golf Association Board of Directors. These guidelines apply to all tournaments and events conducted by the Kentucky Golf Association.

Tournament Registration

Contestants may enter a tournament by either of the following methods:

  • Complete a tournament entry form and return it, with payment, to Golf House Kentucky at the appropriate address.
  • Complete an online entry at (includes personal information and payment)

No entry application or payment will be accepted by phone, fax, or e-mail.

Entry Deadlines

All tournament entry deadlines are posted on entry forms and on the KGA website at Each event has a deadline date that is specific to the event but all deadlines include a 11:59 p.m. eastern time cut off. No entries will be accepted after that time.

Eligibility Requirements

Entrants in all KGA tournaments shall be required to have an active World Handicap System Index at a Kentucky Golf Association Member Club at the time of entry. The current World Handicap Index used for a competition shall be based on records effective on the posted date within the details of each event.
Example: A championship is scheduled for June 1st and the entry registration date is May 25th. The World Handicap Index revision posted on May 27th will be in effect for all rounds during this championship. If alternate or substitution of players occurs, their handicap index, as of the posted date, will be used for the competition; not the date of their confirmed substitution.

Refund Policy

Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing and will be subject to the following:

Prior to deadline > Entry fee refund minus $5 service fee

Prior to the first date of competition > Fee minus $15 service fee

After competition begins > $0 refund*

*Exception - medical emergency; fee minus $15 service fee

Returned Check Policy

A $35.00 service charge will be applied to all returned checks. Applicants must be current with fee payments prior to playing in any KGA tournament.

Agreement Statement

By submission of any entry application, the player agrees to the tournament regulations set forth by the Kentucky Golf Association. The player agrees that there are certain risks inherent in the game of golf and accept personal and sole liability for all such risks. The player agrees that this entry application is subject to rejection at any time. The reason for rejection may include unbecoming conduct. The player agrees that the responsibility for ensuring this application is received by the KGA no later than the date and time specified is the player’s alone and that this entry application will be automatically rejected if received by the KGA after such date and time. The player agrees that the risk of delay or error in transmission lies solely with him/her and that the KGA has no liability with respect to such delay or error and the consequences there from, including rejection of this entry application. The player also affirms, by submission of the entry application, that they meet all eligibility requirements.

Waiting List

Anytime a KGA event nears capacity, the Director, Amateur & Professional Competitions establishes a waiting list for additional entries. Tournament entrants will be advised that they are on this list and which position they hold at the time. As confirmed entrants notify Golf House Kentucky that they are withdrawing, the next player on the waiting list is notified and provided with pertinent information. If anyone is initially placed on the waiting list and does not receive a spot in the field, that entrant receives a full refund of his entry fee.


The KGA Board of Directors awards an exempt status to players in several categories of achievement for the Kentucky Amateur Championship. A list of these players is included on the entry form of championship and posted to the KGA official website. All exempt players are required to register and pay their fees by the deadline of the championship. Exempt status is non-transferable.

Update:  March, 2020

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