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Welcome to the official podcast from the home of golf in Kentucky. The Family of Golf Organizations (Kentucky Golf Association, Kentucky PGA Section and Kentucky Golf Foundation) hope you enjoy this podcast designed to introduce you to some of the names that help make golf in Kentucky thrive. News and updates about things going on within the KGA, KPGA and KGF will be discussed as well.

Episode 36 - Best of 2021

Episode 35 - Jared Wolfe

Episode 34 - Matthew Troutman

Episode 33 - Macie Brown

Episode 32 - Chris Mascaro

Episode 31 - An Oral History of the 2008 Ryder Cup at Valhalla Golf Club

Episode 30 - Dawes Marlatt, PGA

Episode 29 - John Ballard, CGCS

Episode 28 - Andrew & Sara Stephens, PGA

Episode 27 - Jensen Castle

Episode 26 - Kim Kincer, LPGA

Episode 25 - J.B. Williams (again!)

Episode 24 - Steve Shafer, PGA

Episode 23 - J.B. Williams

Episode 22 - Ryan French (Monday Q Info)

Episode 21 - Gregory Mack, Jr.

Episode 20 - J.M. Butler

Episode 19 - Alex Goff

Episode 18 - Eric Gilliland, PGA

Episode 17 - Keith Reese, PGA

Episode 16 - Kerry Haigh

Episode 15 - Bill Coomer, PGA

Episode 14 - Josh Griffin, PGA

Episode 13 - Emma Talley

Episode 12 - Matthew Laurance

Episode 11 - Steve Flesch

Episode 10 - Derrick Griffitts, PGA

Episode 9 - David Hill (One Beaded Golfer)

Episode 8 - Daniel DeLuca & Taylor Riggs

Episode 7 - Lauren Hartlage

Episode 6 - Josh Teater

Episode 5 - Josh Rogers

Episode 4 - D'Shawn Johnson

Episode 3 - Bryan Pettigrew

Episode 2 - Joey Sears

Episode 1 - Jimmy Kirchdorfer

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Golf House Kentucky is the umbrella organization for Kentucky’s Family of Golf Organizations: Kentucky Golf Association, Kentucky PGA and Kentucky Golf Foundation. The vision of Kentucky’s golf leaders, Golf House Kentucky was founded in 1978, and is headquartered in a picturesque country setting in Louisville, Kentucky. Golf House Kentucky conducts competitions for golfers of all ages, gender and skill levels (amateur, professional and junior), and provides valuable services to Kentucky PGA professionals and member golf facilities. Working in partnership with the USGA, Golf House Kentucky provides individual golfers and member golf facilities with a wide range of services: Handicapping, USGA Course and Slope Rating, award programs, club consulting and golf management software. The family’s philanthropic affiliate, Kentucky Golf Foundation promotes the Kentucky Golf Hall of Fame, Kentucky golf museum and provides grant and scholarship programs for youth in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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